Facebook Pixel Integration

Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that tracks the behavior of users on your website. With neetoForm, you can easily connect your Facebook Pixel ID to your form to track conversions and events related to that form. Once you've connected your Facebook Pixel with neetoForm, any time a user interacts with your form (e.g., submits the form, clicks on a form button, etc.), that event will be tracked by your Facebook Pixel. You can use this information to optimize your Facebook ads, retarget users who interacted with your form, and more.

Use this integration to:

  • Learn more about your form traffic.

  • Measure conversions.

  • Optimize your ads and audiences.

How to set it up

The integration can be easily activated. The only thing you need is your Facebook Pixel ID.

Find your Facebook Pixel

If you don't have a Facebook Pixel yet, start with creating one first. Then proceed with the following steps:

  1. Go to the Event Manager.

  1. Select the Pixel you want to set.

  2. Copy the Pixel ID.

Here are the steps to add Facebook Pixel to your form:

  1. Go to Form dashboard, open your form, and click on the Configure.

  1. Click on the Integrations.

  1. Find Facebook Pixel in the integrations and click Connect.

  1. A popup will appear with a form to enter the Facebook Pixel ID.

  2. Paste the Facebook Pixel ID and click Connect.

  3. The Facebook Pixel integration will now be connected. Any time a user interacts with your form, that event will be tracked by Facebook Pixel.


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