Why NeetoForm allows the deletion of a field that is used in conditional logic

NeetoForm wants to be permissive and non-restrictive. So, we allow the deletion of a form question even if the question is part of conditional logic.

If we don't allow you to delete a field with conditional logic, you would also need to delete the conditional logic associated with that field. Since conditional logic doesn't have a draft state, any changes applied to it would be applied to the published form. This can cause confusion and unexpected behavior if the deleted field is in the draft state while the published form still has the field, but the conditional logic is deleted.

Therefore, NeetoForm allows for the deletion of the question, which is part of conditional logic.

If the question is deleted and the associated conditional logic is not deleted, NeetoForm will still execute the conditional logic on the published form, but it will ignore the conditions or actions pertaining to the deleted question. This would mean that the form might not behave as expected, and hence, the message in red is shown, denoting that the admin needs to fix the conditions.

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