Sending SMS response to submissions

For sending SMS, you must have at least 1 phone number element in your form.

You can select any number of submissions and send an SMS to those submissions.

Here's how to send an SMS as a response :

  1. Go to the Submissions page and select the submissions you want to respond to.

  2. Click on the Take Action drop-down button in the subheader.

  3. Click on the Send SMS option from the dropdown, which will open a form in a pane.

  4. Select a predefined SMS template or compose an SMS from the pane.

  5. Click on Send to send the response SMS to all submissions with a valid phone number.

⚠️ For sending SMS, ensure that you have enabled Twilio integration.


Are the SMS reminders not being delivered?

Please cross-check the error code with the codes listed on this page.

If the error is "Verification required to continue using the Toll-free number", you can follow the instructions from the dashboard to verify the toll-free number:

Here is Twilio’s help doc for it:

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