Receiving email notification after a new submission

This feature lets you or anyone from your team know when a new form is submitted. Please note that this is not meant to notify the form submitter. For that, neetoForm has a Send email to form submitter feature.

Here is how you can configure it to get an email notification anytime a form is submitted:

  1. Select the form you are working on.

  2. Click on the Configure tab.

  3. Click on Email Notifications.

  4. Click on the toggle button and enable Receive email notification.

  5. You can customize the email message that goes out.

  6. Enter a subject line for your email notification. You can customize the subject by using Dynamic Variables. To use variables, click the { } icon to personalize the subject line.

  7. In Send to, specify to which email address you would like the email notifications sent. You can enter multiple addresses if you want that email notification to go to more than one person by uploading a CSV file with emails.

  8. You can enter a Reply-to address if you’d like the respondent to be able to reply to the notifications you send them. You can select the email address from the dropdown only if you have added the email address form element to your neetoForm.

  9. Write whatever you like in the Message section to customize the email that will go out to your respondents. Again, you can customize the text using "dynamic variables" for certain questions.

  10. Once you've finished setting up your notifications, hit Save Changes for the change to take effect.

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