Thank You page and redirects

When a form submitter submits the form, you have two choices. You can either show a "Thank you" page to the form submitter or redirect the form submitter to a different link.

Configuring the thank-you page in your neetoForm

  1. Go to the Configure tab and click on the Thank You card.

  2. Select the Customize Thank You page.

  3. You can add an image to your thank you page by clicking the upload icon.

  4. Click on the thank you page message to change it, then hit Save Changes.

  5. You can also add Social share icons, neetoForm branding and a link to submit another response on your thank you page

Redirect to URL

By default, after submitting the form, neetoForm takes you to the thank you page. But you can change this to link to any URL you like. So, if you want form submitters to visit your site after completing the neetoForm, just add the link in the URL field.

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