neetoCRM Integration

Integrating with neetoCRM on neetoForm is a great way to manage your leads and customer data. neetoCRM is a powerful customer relationship management system that allows businesses to keep track of customer interactions and sales data in one place. By integrating neetoCRM with your neetoForm account, you can easily add new leads and customer data to your CRM database directly from your web forms. This not only helps you streamline your workflows but also helps you track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and sales funnel.

Here are the ways to integrate neetoCRM with neetoForm:

  1. Go to Configure.

  2. Click on Connect , neetoCRM integration form will slide out from the right side.

  3. Select the company name, contact name, Email, and phone number from the dropdown.

  4. Click on Connect.

  5. Now integration with neetoCRM is complete, and whenever there is a new submission, it will automatically create a lead in neetoCRM.

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