Trello Integration

With neetoForm's Trello integration, you can send form submissions to Trello. This integration is a great way to keep track of submissions and categorize them for easier management. When a user submits a form, you can create a new Trello card or add the submission to an existing card. You can also map form fields to Trello card fields, allowing you to transfer data directly from form submissions to your Trello cards.

Use the following steps to integrate Trello to send form submissions into Trello:

How to set it up

Generate an email address for a board:

  1. Log in to Trello in the browser and open the board you would like to create cards by email on.

  2. Open the menu in the right sidebar, select More, and then Email-to-board settings.

  3. From here, you can select the list in which the e-mail card will be created.

  4. You can click on the current list name to change that to a different list.

Please note that the email address is unique for each board and board member.

Set the email in the form notification settings:

  1. Go to the form dashboard and open your form.

  2. Click on Configure.

  3. On the Configure page, click on Email notifications.

  4. On the email notification page, add the email generated for the Trello board to the Send To input.

  5. Click on Save Changes.

  6. Once a submission is created, it will send an email to the Trello board email address. The card will appear in Trello in the next few minutes after the email is sent.

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