Automation rules

Automation rules feature allows you to create rules to automate specific actions when certain events occur.

Currently, we only support the "when a custom field is updated" event. Based on the type of your custom field you can create rules, which when triggered can perform actions like sending emails to either the form creator, submitter, organization members to any specific email address.

Consider the following use case:

You are the HR manager of a company that has created an application form for potential interns to apply at your company. Based on the data submitted by the applicants, you have to decide if the applicant qualifies for the interview. If the applicant is a possible fit then you need to send him an email with details of the interview. Plus you would also need to send an email to the interviewer with the details of this applicant.

Here's how you can automate this using neetoForm's automation rules.

  1. Firstly, you need to create a custom field "Qualification status" with the field type single option and add Passed and Failed as options.

  2. Go to Configure from the top menu, under General configurations click on Automation rules, and click on Add new rule.

  3. Add in a name for the rule and ensure that the status is active.

  4. Under When, ensure "When custom field is updated by any" is present and then click on the + icon.

  5. Set the rule as "and Qualification status is passed"

  6. Under Then, set the following action

    email to responder to email address as email

    and then email to form creator as email

  7. Add in the subject and body for each of the emails and save the rule.

Now, whenever you mark a submission as Passed by updating the "Qualification status" custom field, the above automation rule will get triggered and perform the actions.

⚠️ Note that Iinactive automation rules won't be triggered. Similarly, automation rules for archived forms wont be triggered.

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