Stripe Integration

Stripe is an online payment gateway that helps businesses to accept payments securely and efficiently.

The Stripe integration feature of neetoForm allows users to integrate their Stripe account with their neetoForm forms to accept payments through those forms. With the Stripe integration feature, users can add payment fields to their forms, and customers can securely provide their payment information directly on the forms.

Once the payment information is submitted, the payment is processed through Stripe, and the funds are deposited into your Stripe account. This feature allows businesses to easily collect payments for products, services, or donations through their `neetoForm forms, providing a seamless payment experience for their customers.

Here's the way to connect a Stripe account to your neetoForm:

  1. Go to the form dashboard and open your form.

  2. On the build page, select Add payment widget .

  3. Click on connect your Stripe account .

  4. Set up your Stripe account.

  5. Click on Finish button, now your stripe account is connected with neetoForm.

  6. After setting up the stripe account, you can set the amount on build page.

  7. Once Stripe integration is complete, you can publish your form and start accepting payments.

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