Custom fields

The custom fields feature lets you capture additional information about your form submissions for internal use. These custom fields can be used to gather specific insights, like adding notes, tagging submissions, or making specific findings, which helps facilitate the efficient workflow of form submissions.

Let's consider a scenario where a company uses neetoForm to collect customer feedback regarding a new product. The form includes standard fields such as name, email, and product rating. To enrich the data collected, you can leverage custom fields. You may add a "Customer Satisfaction Notes" custom field to capture detailed comments on the overall satisfaction with the product. Additionally, an "Issue Resolution" custom field could be utilized to document any steps taken to address reported problems.

Another scenario could be an Application tracking system (ATS). Let's say a company has created a job application form to collect essential information from job applicants, such as personal details, education, and work experience. To enhance and streamline the recruitment process, several custom fields can be added to capture internal notes and additional insights during the candidate evaluation process, like "Interview Notes" for jotting down key observations from candidate interviews, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and overall impressions. "Skill Assessment," another custom field, can be created for capturing specific details about a candidate's technical or soft skills. "Qualified for Round 2," a boolean custom field, can be used to denote if the candidate made it to the next round. Submissions can be filtered using custom fields, which further streamlines the process.

Creating a custom field

  1. Go to Configure -> General Configurations -> Custom Fields.

  2. Click on the Add new field button.

  3. Fill out the form and Save changes.

Custom fields dashboard
Form for adding a custom field

These custom fields will appear in the submissions page as columns in the table

You can also create the custom field by clicking the Add new custom field button at the top right of the submissions page.

Adding values to fields

On the submissions page, you can click on the table cell and directly add/update the values to fields for every submission.

You can also add/update the field values from the submissions details pane.

Adding field value using table cell inline editing
Adding field value from the submission details pane

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