Close a form

Want to stop receiving new submissions, close your neetoForm after the first 100 submissions, or close your form on a certain date? You can manage access to your neetoForm and manually close your neetoForm whenever you need to.

  1. To do this, go to the Configure tab and click on Access.

  2. Then click on Form Span.

  3. You can now disable your form on a specific date or when it reaches a certain number of submissions by choosing one of the below options based on its usability.

  • Close neetoForm to new submissions: It closes the form immediately and doesn't allow new submissions in the form.

  • Schedule a close date. You can also schedule a specific date & time for your form when you want that form to be closed.

  • Set a response limit. You can restrict a response limit; once it reaches the maximum limit, your form will be closed.

You can also set a custom message which will be shown to your users when the form is closed or no longer accepting new submissions

If you choose to set a response limit, note that responses will be counted from the moment you click Save on the settings menu, not from the moment the form was published. For example, if you set a response limit of 100 after your form has already collected 50 responses, the form will close after the 150th response, not the 100th response. 

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