Sending WhatsApp messages to submissions


To send a WhatsApp message, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the form's Submissions tab.

  2. Select the submissions for which you want to send the WhatsApp message.

  3. Select the Send WhatsApp message option from the Take action dropdown.

  4. The Send WhatsApp pane will open on the right. This pane fetches and lists all the approved templates from your WhatsApp business account. Select the template and the field from the form that denotes the phone number for the submission.

  5. Once selected, press the Send button.

WhatsApp Conversation Pricing

The pricing of the conversation starts based on the category the WhatsApp message template belongs to. Different categories, such as Marketing, utility, Authentication and service, have different pricing.

You can refer to WhatsApp's pricing page for pricing details.

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